10 Best Maryland State Players of the Last Decade

NCAA Basketball Maryland Terrapins Mark Turgeon Anthony Cowan Jr. Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

One of the reasons the national pandemic has been so devastating for sports fans is that it escalated just days before March Madness began. The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the finest displays of collegiate athletics and postseason sports in the entire country, and its absence in 2020 leaves a bizarre hole in history and lore. . Legends are created every post-season, and the Big Dance is always up to snuff.

But it’s the players who really make those moments happen, and it’s not always the players we expect that stand out. Today we continue our long-running series that focuses on the best college basketball players in every state over the past ten years. We’ve been through a good chunk of these states before and have seen some outstanding personalities from the college game in recent years. Today’s look at Maryland will provide us with a few more of those moments.

The state of Maryland is somewhat of a basketball hotbed, with a considerable amount of basketball talent outside of Washington DC and the rest of the state. While this state doesn’t stand out in size or population compared to a handful of others, the basketball talent really does stand out. Reducing that number to ten was just as difficult a task as it was for larger, more prestigious states like New York or Florida.

This is a reminder that we’re not just looking at Terrapins today, although the University of Maryland will feature more than once in the slides that follow. The focus is on players whose hometowns are listed as Maryland. They’re not Maryland’s top high school players, and it doesn’t matter if a different city or state is listed as their birthplace. We have considerable talent to watch, so let’s go straight into our deep dive, ironically starting with one of these Terrapins.

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