Arizona State’s 10 Best Players of the Last Decade

NCAA Basketball Gonzaga Bulldogs forward Brandon Clarke Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Thousands upon thousands of high school basketball players across the country dream of playing NCAA basketball, but only a handful of that mass ever get a chance at the D1 level. Many dream of playing in the NCAA Tournament or being one of those impact players that programs will remember for decades. Academic careers only last four (or five) years, but legacies can last much longer.

We continue our long-running series, examining the best college players of the past ten years from each state, with today’s focus on the state of Arizona. To reiterate, these are the best college basketball players who were raised in the state of Arizona; not the best who played in Arizona schools. The roster may contain Wildcats and Sun Devils, but other colleges are also represented.

Phoenix is ​​one of the biggest cities in the United States and has gifted us with a handful of impressive players recently, and we’ll take a closer look at some of those impact players today. Remember that there is no specific formula for choosing the players represented, it’s just based on professional achievements and personal accolades and little things like that play a major role. Unlike states like Alaska, most of these players are recent names that will be remembered.

Before proceeding with the ranking, this is just a final note on how the series is formatted. Someone born in Arizona does not necessarily fall into the Arizona category. It all depends on their hometown roster, and we’ve gone through every player’s hometowns over the past ten seasons to come up with this ranking. If you’re supposed to see someone from Arizona, chances are they missed the cut or aren’t actually on Arizona’s roster. Anyway, we proceed with these ten players from Arizona State.

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