Baylor rises, Duke and LSU fall

NCAA Basketball Matthew Mayer Baylor Bears (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Exciting times abound in the world of NCAA basketball, as there seem to be crazy endings and exciting games almost daily. We are still battling through COVID breaks, and many teams are facing player shortages due to illness or injury, but this season is moving full steam ahead. We’re almost at the end of January, which means we’re getting ever closer to another exciting post-season.

We are getting closer to the watershed moment for some of these teams, especially with the NCAA Tournament less than two months away. We’ve seen and learned a lot, especially since conference play has intensified in recent weeks. In major conferences like the Big 12 and Big Ten, every game regularly features an uphill battle; while other leagues are starting to see one or two teams really take over. Everyone is dealing with something; whether injuries or other difficulties; it’s how these teams play when the games matter the most that shows us who they are.

Chaos reigned in conference play, with upsets and brilliant games cropping up regularly. Even so, this week’s edition of the top 25 rankings still comes together, though moving these teams around based on recent events gets pretty tricky.

These are still my own rankings, and they’re extremely smooth, especially closer to the bottom of the poll. There were a large number of teams considered that narrowly missed out on this ranking, although any of these teams could find themselves in the poll in the coming weeks.

Without any further hesitation, we’ll go straight into the leaderboard, starting at the bottom and working towards another new team at #1.

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