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Happy Wednesday, good mailbag! We have a pretty meaty one today – not least because the SEC has decided to swallow college sports in its entirety, because this stuff is really, really serious and every competitive and financial advantage should be exploited at all costs at most. large number. the competitive balance and traditional attachments of college athletics as a whole, ARGHHH – so sit back, enjoy it, and as always, thank you for being here.

Let’s start:

I’ve heard a lot about how NIL and / or the Transfer Portal are going to “ruin” college basketball. But what about the other side of the coin? How could they improve it? – Matt P.

As someone who wrote an essay titled “The College Basketball Transfer Portal Is Good, Actually” a little over two months ago, I’m glad you asked the question, Matt! Nothing wrong with a little self-referencing link in the mailbag, right?

It’s a drum I’m always happy to beat. People can go and read this article for the full breakdown, but for short I think the immediate eligibility on the portal is a) moral good, as kids should be allowed to move as easily as their highly paid coaches. , and b) potentially even a good thing for interest in the sport, as fans get used to the idea that their teams can become competitive in shorter time frames with new additions to the roster, provided their trainers are knowledgeable enough to build well in the portal.

Of course, and just by thinking aloud here, the portal and immediate eligibility are their own business. The rights to the image and the likeness of the names are also in the larval stages which we are just beginning to see.

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