Curry embracing the roar of the crowds in a record-breaking quest | Basketball


It took Miller 1,389 games to set the NBA record of 2,560. Allen needed 309 games less to pass Miller, and now Curry is on the brink after playing 788 career games.

But even Warriors coach Steve Kerr can see it’s taking its toll and all-star forward Draymond Green is hoping the record will come quickly on Tuesday night so things can get back to normal.

“Everyone wants to see the record broken, so it’s not just our fans,” Green said. “I’m sure it will be electric (in New York). Hopefully he does the first two 3s he shoots in the first quarter and then that’s it.”

Curry certainly hasn’t looked like his usual self in the past three games.

On Wednesday, Curry was 6 of 17 of 3 in his last home game before embarking on a five-game trip. He went 3 of 14 behind the arc in a rare loss on Saturday to the 76ers and his brother, Seth. Then on Monday he was 5 of 15 with his last stray 3 leading to the winning backhand – although he didn’t match Allen.

“I think he’s been trying a little too hard the last few games, just trying to make 3s and get that record,” Kerr said. “It will be a relief for him, I think, and for our team when he breaks him.”

And for Curry, who said he wanted to play for the Knicks before Golden State took him No. 7 in 2009, long before he won two MVP Awards and three NBA titles in four years, it’s an experience. he wants to savor.


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