Draymond Green gives advice to young players at Rico Hines basketball camp: ‘Mfs need to play a role in the NBA’

The offseason is the only time NBA players can spend significantly more time with the basketball community outside of those in the league. We have seen active participation of NBA players in pro-am leagues and basketball camps across the country, the latter being extremely important. Young players in school need guidance and these camps are attended by NBA players who want to speak to the next generation.

We’ve already seen Bradley Beal go viral for telling his AAU team the harsh truth in a game or Patrick Beverley telling kids to find their niche. Now it looks like Draymond Green is joining them after giving an impassioned speech to the young players at Rico Hines Basketball Camp.

Similar to what Beal said earlier this summer, Draymond stressed the importance of playing a role with the kids because not everyone will be an elite scorer.

“At the end of the day, motherfuckers have to play a role in the NBA. There’s 2 guys on a team that can do whatever they want and the other 13 have to play a role. There’s 2 guys on a team and Everyone has a role, so you have to master your role or get the hell out of it. It’s as simple as that.”

The game of basketball is much bigger than what we see on TV. Not everyone on the pitch is allowed to just take the ball off the floor and drain a back jumper in the face of a defender like James Harden or Luka Doncic would. If someone who wasn’t on the level of those players did, they’d probably book a one-way express ticket to the bench.

Running, grinding and working on your skills will help the team the most in tough times, and Draymond let the kids know what it takes to be an NBA winner. His 4 championship rings prove that he knows something about winning.

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