Draymond Green is right to be concerned about the Gonzaga-MSU outdoor game

In case you missed it, the Gonzaga and Michigan State men’s basketball teams are preparing to play a neutral-site game against each other on an aircraft carrier this coming season. . The game would take place in San Diego

The game, scheduled for Veterans Day (Nov. 11), will take place on the 11th anniversary of the 2011 Carrier Classic between MSU and North Carolina, a game the Tar Heels won 67-55. The game also featured plenty of NBA talent, including Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock and Draymond Green.

As Green caught wind of the likely 2022 game, he took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

Although I don’t have experience playing a basketball game on a rack, I can relate to Green’s position.

Top-level basketball is supposed to be played in a gymnasium – this is where all games and practices take place throughout the year and especially throughout the life of the players. Getting out of this comfort zone could be difficult.

Not only that, but there are physical conditions that play an even bigger factor. I mean, they’re playing on a transporter! In the 2011 game, there were contingency plans to move the game to the main hangar below deck if rain was an issue. But even the wind and air quality could bring additional humidity to the pitch, which would lead to unnecessary potential consequences on a player’s body.

Coming from a former college and professional basketball player, the risk of injury isn’t worth the memorabilia, although some are pretty cool I’m sure.

So I’m on Draymond’s side.

Nevertheless, his opinions probably don’t change anything and mine certainly don’t. Looks like we’ll be seeing more Carrier sneakers in November.

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