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I made my first fictional draft a few weeks ago, freshly armed with the projections and player rankings that I had spent the previous month compiling. I was happy with my picks every round, feeling I got value with every pick. But when I stepped back and looked at my draft, eight of my 13 picks were eligible for the point guard. The reason was obvious when I looked at the draft … in almost every round the value was with the playmakers.

Meanwhile, after the first few rounds, there were rarely any attackers available of a caliber similar to these guards. My first two picks in this league had been Paul George and Kevin Durant, but only one of my next nine picks would be a forward.

This is the importance of a multi-level approach to preparing drafts. By grouping the leads into levels before the draft, I am able to clearly illustrate the phenomenon that I noted in this fictitious draft.

In the middle of the draft, the outposts are the most sparse of all. Therefore, when deciding between players of similar caliber, it may behoove you to look into the rarer position knowing that there is a better chance of filling your backcourt with quality a few rounds later.

Bottom Line: There are many ways to build a champion, but one way to do it is to maximize your value at each position based on where you choose. Levels 3-6 contain as many leaders (19) as small attackers (10) and powerful attackers (9) combined, and at level 5 these attackers rank significantly lower than their area counterparts. back. Keep track of the type of talent that might be available at different parts of the draft and watch for the benefits in your team’s results. You will be glad you did.

The following is my breakdown of players into levels, by position, based on my preseason projections. It’s worth it for you to see how I break it down, but in the end, you’ll make the most of taking a few minutes to yourself and dividing the players into your own levels based on your own assessment.

You would be shocked at how much a little drill like this can prepare you for your draft and how those 20 minutes could set you apart from other team managers in your league.

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