Fully clothed Tyler Hansbrough jumps into pool at Danny Green’s wedding


During the 2008 UNC LDOC (Last day of lessons for the uninformed), the new national player of the year Tyler hansbrough makes national news when he, with his lesser-known teammates Bobby frasor and Marcus Ginyard, jumped from a fraternity balcony into an above ground pool in front of hundreds of other students.

This was before smartphones with video cameras were a big thing and before Twitter or Instagram even existed. So the infamous swimming pool jump didn’t really go viral or hit the internet until a few days later and even then there never was a video.

But Hansbrough was the country’s most famous college basketball player and when a photo toured it became a national report. It was even discussed on ESPN’s Pardon My Take.

13 years later, Hansbrough jumped into another pool — this time he was fully dressed.

Late in the evening during Danny Green’s wedding festivities, Hansbrough was challenged by friends to take the plunge. Dressed in khaki and an un-tucked button-down shirt, Hansbrough casually walks by the pool with no indication of jumping in before throwing his jacket to the side and launching into the air and spinning his body in the air. airs to land in the water in front of the swimming pool platform.

Hansbrough posted a video of the pool jump to his personal Instagram account with the caption: “Sometimes in life you just have to jump !!! Amazing Green’s welcome party! Beautiful stylish atmosphere with the pool. Amazing friends that I have” you won’t jump in the pool “” you jump, I jump ” Hold my glass real quick! “

Watch the video below:

The North Carolina basketball family were full this weekend at Danny Green’s wedding festivities in Houston, Texas. It was a who’s who of former UNC basketball players, including greats like Tyler hansbrough, Wayne ellington, Marvin Williams, Sean Maye and Jackie Manuel.

>>>WATCH: Carolina Family unites for Danny Green’s wedding

Hansbrough played professional basketball in China, but did not play in the 2020-21 season.

The three-time US first-team champion and 2009 national champion got his first glimpse of the media world when he sat in the analyst chair during the streaming of UNC’s victory over Northeastern on ACC Network Plus. Hansbrough too co-hosts the SleepHawkWorldWide podcast with Brandon Staton.

A native of Poplar Bluff, MO, Hansbrough played four seasons in North Carolina and left Chapel Hill as the most decorated player in UNC basketball history.

Hansbrough has been a four-time All-American in North Carolina. He has been Consensus First Team All-American three times and First-Team All-ACC four times. It finished his career with an ACC record of 2,872 points and a UNC record of 1,219 rebounds, and an NCAA record of 982 free throws. Hansbrough was the 2008 National Player of the Year after averaging 22.6 points, 10.2 rebounds per game and shooting 54.0 percent from the field.

Hansbrough was the Indiana Pacers’ 13th overall selection in the 2009 NBA Draft. He has since played for the Pacers, Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Hornets and Fort Wayne Mad Ants. In the NBA, Hansbrough has appeared in 428 games and has averaged 6.7 points and 4.2 rebounds.

His best NBA season was in 2010-11 with the Indiana Pacers when he played 70 games, starting 29 and averaging 11.0 points and 5.2 rebounds while shooting 56.5 percent from the field.

Hansbrough owns a home in Chapel Hill, NC and is a regular at the Smith Center for workouts and pickup games.

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