“He said to me:” I know what they are doing “”


When Carmelo Anthony entered the NBA in 2003 with the Denver Nuggets, he immediately became one of the league’s biggest stars. The No.3 overall pick that year proved he was a deadly scorer from the start and showed the world why he was such a great prospect coming out of high school and college.

Melo, however, also had some downtime as a young star, and during perhaps the most publicized, he quickly learned just how much power the NBA holds.

Carmelo Anthony received a 15-game suspension while on the Nuggets

Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony brawled with New York Knicks player Nate Robinson in 2006. | Howard Earl Simmons / NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

The 2006-07 NBA campaign was Carmelo Anthony’s fourth year in the league, but it was also the first season the former Nuggets star showed everyone he was one of the best basketball players on the planet. . Anthony won his first All-Star selection that year with 28.9 points per game to go with 6.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists.

But in December of this season, Anthony – who was the league’s top scorer at the time but finished the year second – had a tough experience with some of his teammates.

During a game against the Knicks, a fight breaks out between the two teams. According to ESPN, the NBA went on to suspend a total of seven players, including guys like JR Smith and Nate Robinson. The league, however, punished Anthony the worst after hitting former Knicks winger Mardy Collins, while the Syracuse product was given a 15-game suspension.

The severity of the discipline was surprising, so Anthony had a conversation with then NBA commissioner David Stern.

It seems the conversation was quite revealing.

Carmelo had a revealing conversation with David Stern

NBA legend Carmelo Anthony with the Denver Nuggets in 2006.

Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets in a 2006 NBA Playoff game against the Los Angeles Clippers on April 27, 2006. | usage worldwide Brian Bahr / Getty Images

Anthony recently recalled the incident and some of his past mistakes when appearing on Barstool Sports’ A million dollars worth of play Podcast. And it looks like during the aforementioned conversation with Stern, the former Nuggets star learned of the incredible power the NBA holds.

“I’m going to talk to him like ‘Why are you doing to me like this?’,” Anthony said on the September 19 episode.

The now Lakers star said Stern essentially claimed Anthony’s track record of irresponsible behavior played a role in the decision. Melo also said the former commissioner asked him if he wanted to continue following the path he was on with some of the people who were in his life, or if he wanted to be in the NBA, a company that is worth a lot. silver.

“(Stern said) ‘You’re going to put that aside. I know who you’re with. I know where you live; I know where they live. I know when you close your eyes, I know when you wake up,” se Anthony remembers. “He said to me, ‘I know what they’re doing. Either you tell them to stop or you have to cut them off. And I’m like’ Shit. What the fuck? ‘ It was then that I knew the NBA was part of the federal government.

The conversation seemed to change perspective for Anthony, and it may have even helped him become an NBA legend.

Carmelo Anthony has since become an NBA legend

Now an 18-year-old veteran, Anthony said he understood why the league had to follow him when he was a young star.

“I understand, if I give you $ 100 million, I need to know everything. I didn’t understand that at the time, ”he said. “It took me getting older, wiser to say ‘Shit, that fucking shit made sense.'”

It looks like Anthony’s decisions from there helped him grow into an all-time great. He’s won 10 All-Star and six All-NBA caps, he led the NBA in scoring in 2012-13, and Melo is averaging a career of 23.0 points per game. The 37-year-old is also 10th in the NBA and 12th in NBA / ABA history in total points scored with 27,370.

How much of a role this conversation with Stern played in Anthony becoming the future Hall of Famer he is now is unknown. But he said the Knicks fight was his last immature act as a young star. It seems like the whole incident was quite revealing and showed him not only how powerful the NBA is, but also what it takes to be a professional basketball player.

He’s been pretty good too.

Statistics courtesy of Basketball Reference

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