Jalen Rose destroys Skip Bayless while discussing his embarrassing high school basketball career

A big story in the basketball world over the past 24 hours was how polarizing sports pundit Skip Bayless offered a backhanded compliment to 17-year-old basketball prospect Bronny James.

Of course, James’ father, LeBron, is the face of the NBA and the superstar leader of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bayless has already been slammed by countless fans on social media, and on Tuesday former NBA player Jalen Rose clowned Bayless in his own way.

Rose reminded Bayless of his dull career as a high school basketball player.

“No one should be overly critical of high school players, especially those in professional athletes,” he said. “Especially if you were a junior in high school and only averaged 1.4 points.”

Bayless is a media figure that people just seem to love to hate, and this latest story proves it.

Now that Rose has pulled out the hilarious hay to bring up Bayless’ own forgettable basketball career, it’ll be interesting to see if more people pick up on it or just agree that the funniest joke has been made and the world basketball can collectively move on.

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