“Kobe Bryant was really a different animal, the same beast on the basketball courts”: Chris Paul recalls the 2009 NBA All-Star game when he and the Lakers legend blew up the Eastern team


If you had to pick the 2 most competitive NBA players of this century, chances are those 2 players are Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul.

CP3 has had many nicknames given by its peers, fans and competitors. Man has been called the god of stitch many times over the past decade.

There are a plethora of reasons Chris Paul is held in such high regard. The number 1 reason for this is the fact that he is ready to outdo and outsmart his opponents.

When CP3 comes out on the field, the only thing he is looking to ensure is a doubling for his team. This could be due to his game, shooting, defense, basketball IQ, or even just his mere presence. But man adds to winning cultures like few other NBA legends of this era or any other.

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This is one of the reasons neutral fans were so disgusted to see the CP3 trade with the Lakers fail. This profession would have put side by side the 2 most competitive guards of the 21st century.

The idea of ​​Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul playing together throughout the home stretch of the Premier’s career is by far one of the biggest assumptions in league history.

Chris Paul remembers how he and Kobe Bryant beat the East All-Star team in 2009

CP3 was on the Knuckleheads podcast last year before the start of the NBA bubble. The Clippers legend and 15-year veteran (at that time) spoke of a famous Kobe incident, where he and the Black Mamba showed their competitive nature to the max:

“Dude, so Kobe was what they called it… a different animal, the same beast?” We both liked it, we were crazy about competition. We used to go in there, damn it, I’m there with most of the people I’ve played against. But with Kobe, there was a respect factor, right?

“So when we got into the All-Star Game and, you know, even other than the winning team getting a little more money than the losing team, it’s a game, ain’t isn’t it? So I don’t want to be there all the time… I’m trying to win, right? And Kobe used to be on the same thing, which was dope.

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“I will never forget All-Star Game 09 in Phoenix. We beat the hell out of the Eastern team, they were so crazy! Because they were all like we have to play for the fans or something… well you all have to play harder!

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