Launch of Her World Her Rules in Samoa


APIA (Samoa) – Samoa Basketball has launched its “Her World Her Rules” (HWHR) girls basketball camp focused on empowering girls against violence and promoting basketball.

Using the sport to the fullest of its noble cause, the Samoa National Basketball Federation brought together a large number of outstanding girls from the community for a two-goal camp in partnership with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

Girls aged 6 to 15 participated in the three-day camp which included seminars, discussions and workshops on women’s empowerment as well as activities and exercises teaching fundamental basketball skills as part of the Samoa’s Stop The Violence Against Women and Girls platform.

“FIBA is important in promoting the engagement of women in sport and basketball. This initiative aims to introduce and increase the number of girls in basketball as well as alleviate some of the issues that affect our young girls, ”said Pualele Craig, Head of Samoa, who is also the project manager of the HWHR initiative.

“It struck us how special and amazing the girls are. We want them to know that. Whatever they can think of and participate in sports, they can be empowered to protect themselves and others from violence. ”

Participants and young coaches also praised the camp which somehow brought basketball closer to their hearts with its magic to touch, understand and convey relevant issues in the community and the world.

“This is a global problem, so the camp is a good opportunity for all young girls. In this way, we not only share our basketball knowledge, but also promote social posts. That’s all we want to discuss and bring to society for young women. It’s a great opportunity, ”said young ambassador Loreighelle Joseph who helped Craig overseeing the historic camp.

Ultimately, the camp was marked by fun basketball activities also featuring novice players as Samoa continued to introduce the sport to every corner of the beautiful archipelago.

“I had never seen some girls before, so we were very happy. We were going out into the community and girls who had never played basketball showed up. We are excited to develop basketball with new girls, ”concluded Craig.

The HWHR Girls Basketball Camp was just an addition to Samoa’s long list of innovative programs across the grassroots, kids, teens, women and elite levels.

Last month he also launched Hoops For Health with the intention of launching Samoan basketball leagues and another Jamboree for children.


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