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King Dan Reilly – Eat Your Heart Out Queen Polly Hodder of Hanover, NH and King Arthur D. Pepin of Newport, VT were crowned Middlebury College Winter Carnival Kings in 1947. Queen Hodder is captain of the school women’s ski team.

I painfully cross these dull and cold days of February which follow the Winter Carnival and as it often happens to me; OLD SCRUPT! A not-so-boring, 75-year-old copy of an Enterprise from February floats at the bottom of my bulky, meticulous, cataloged, bogged-down files.

Lots of local names, lots of local sports news and a great story about the game of Lions Club.

The game – “Road to Hollywood”

When I first looked at this ad, I thought it was from Tim Heath’s garage on Broadway, and rushed to get my car greased up. Then I told Tim that I thought my carburetor needed cleaning. He said “you don’t have a carburetor” – so I said, “what happened?” Well, you know the story, the carburetor went the way of my traction tires. The Adirondack Park Motors was located around the corner from Riverside Park, where the teddy bears are today. It was a large brick building with an interior concrete ramp on the left side of the building to lead cars to the second floor. This was later Gladd & Leaper’s Buick/Pontiac dealership.

“Lead roles and chorus members have been selected for the Lions Club’s annual show, ‘Headin’ for Hollywood,’ which will be performed at Harrietstown Town Hall February 12-13.

“The final cast will consist of approximately 100 people and will consist of only local talent. Proceeds from the deal will be used for the Lions Clun Civic Improvement Fund.

“Thomas N. Stainback – [a great local guy who was executive director of the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce; then held the same position with the New York City Chamber of Commerce and later was president of Paul Smith’s College] is chairman of the talent committee and Richard F. Seward is director of production. Additional special acts are added daily to the cast.

“The main musical roles will be played by Thomas LaVallee and Margaret Buckley, [a Junior in high school at the time with a beautiful voice and a classmate of mine]. They will be supported by Harland Branch, Mrs. Ellen M. Kerr, Edward Lewis, Joan Ryan, Peter Broder, Lauretta Hill, Stanly Wojciak, Neil Wojciak, Martin Otis and William Strack.

“Also Rogene Vosburgh, Doris Martin, Nancy Lynch, George Muegge, Joyce Darrah, Patricia Commo, Genya Grabowski, Betty Lou Skeels and Robert Naslonski.”

The Legion Auxiliary hosts a card party

“More than 30 people attended the public card party last night given at the Veteran’s Memorial Home at 173 Broadway by the Saranac Lake Post Auxiliary, American Legion.

“Those who won awards were: Pinochle: Ms. Elizabeth Bell, women’s high; Thomas Wilson, men’s top; Mrs. Theresa Brewster, consolation and Thomas Harrington, consolation; Mrs. Vina Freeman won the galloping horse prize.

“Frank Knapp won the Euchre Award and Mrs. John Helmer of Lake Placid won the Michigan Poker Award, the door prize went to John Helmer.

Proceeds from the party will go to the Veteran’s Memorial Association fund to purchase chairs for the meeting and recreation room.

Community Basketball League

“In the Community Basketball League tomorrow night, the court men of Wilson’s Clothing lead the loop [Walter ‘Bud’ Duffy may have been on that team but then on second thought he may have still been in the Army] will face Bernie Wilson’s third-place five in the prelims of a double-header scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on the City Hall grounds.

“Game two will feature the quintet of TF Finnigan, now in second place, and the American Legion cagers who sit in fourth place in the league standings.

“This pair of games will be really ‘hot’ top four in the league.

“For Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. there will be a special twin bill to benefit the Polio Fund and all proceeds from the program will be donated to this worthy cause.

“In preview of Thursday’s offer, the Paul Smith’s Collegians [remember, Paul Smith’s first class of about 200 students only began the year before in 1946] will meet the basketball players of Paul Smith’s Electric while Game 2 will pit the women’s team from Saranac Lake against a women’s team from Long Lake.

Now, two nights before, on February 3, there was this short story: “A twenty-three point lead, built up in the first half by the Wilson Clothing Company basketball team, proved to be a too big a task for TF Finnigan Shamrocks in the final two periods and as a result the green carriers were forced to take the court 49-31 in the preliminary match of a double header arranged on the boards at Lake Placid Arena last night.

“When a last count was taken, not only were the Kelly Green guys lost on the ball game, but guard duty, Mike Shatraw [Steve Shatraw’s uncle]. Shatraw suffered a dislocated right shoulder while running for a loose ball into Shamrock’s foul line territory.

Go and come

A daily column in the Enterprise for many, many years… these days we don’t want anyone to know where we came from or where we are going…

“Duan Tucker, [any relation to Jim?] Jack Shea and Arnie Goodrich have returned from Odgensburg where they spent a few days. They are students at Paul Smith’s College.


“Mrs. Eugene Keough of 20 St. Bernard Street has gone to spend a few days with her mother, Mrs. William Sweeney in Troy.


“Warner Dietz resumed his studies at Syracuse University on Sunday after spending a week with his mother, Mrs. Dora Dietz of 37 Prospect Avenue.”


“Emmet Durr and Clyde Perry, who attended a meeting of the Syracuse Chapter of the State Civil Service Association over the weekend, returned to Ray Brook.”


“A. Douglas Bombard and Melvin Bettcher of this village flew out yesterday morning to attend the New York Air Show.


“Vincent Montalbine returned to Trudeau after spending the weekend with his mother in New York.”

Get the big bucks

“BOSTON, Feb. 4 (AP) – Ted”The Kid” Williams today has in his pocket one of the best contracts ever signed by a big league player – this one is expected to claim around $75,000 for the 1947 season.

“Williams signed him yesterday after”write his own ticket”, which was quickly accepted by Eddie Collins, general manager of the American League champions, the Boston Red Sox.

“The pair spoke in Collins’ office for 15 minutes and the minute hand was preoccupied with fishing. The two said as they walked out of the office smiling from west to east.

After contacting the Google family, I discovered that $75,000 in 1947, using a “wage indexed to inflation” for 2022, makes Ted’s actual paycheck worth over $600,000.

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