Man charged with child sex crimes, September 7 hearing

By Alan Dale Editor-in-Chief

William Dahl of Rush Hill is scheduled to appear in Audrain County Court on September 7 by agreement between the prosecution and defense in connection with more than a dozen sex-related charges involving a minor.

Dahil, 38, is charged with sex crimes, including sex trafficking of a child, use of a child in a sexual performance, promotion and possession of child pornography, child abduction, sodomy and other crimes.

Dahl was falsely reported to be facing a July 27 court date, but the case has been set for September according to Audrain County District Attorney Jacob Shellabarger. He added that the case is still in the partners’ division and the next one will take place at a status hearing where both parties will report to the court on the progress of the case.

Shellabarger said Dahl likely won’t be present and in federal custody, with only his attorney to appear on his behalf.

“The case must have a preliminary hearing – or the defendant must waive that hearing – before the case can proceed to trial in Circuit Court,” Shellabarger said. “We are still a long way from a trial in this case.”

The co-defendant, Jennifer Huddleston, 34, of Barnhart, will be in court on Wednesday.

Huddleston is charged with four counts, including first degree child sex trafficking (an unclassified felony), sexual exploitation of a minor child (Class A felony), promotion of child pornography first degree (felony class B) and possession of child pornography (felony class D).

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