Marquette men’s basketball helps underprivileged kids in Racine

RACINE, Wis. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teams up with sports, as SC Johnson & 4th Family unites 45 students from Racine Unified Middle Schools with Marquette Men’s Basketball.

“The first thing is recognizing that they’re there and the importance of showing up,” said Marquette men’s basketball head coach Shaka Smart. “It’s great that they’re on a program like this and then bring some of our guys in and show positive examples of guys who are succeeding in college, on and off the court. Stevie Mitchell, for example, has a 3.9-grade point average, is a business major, is a true student-athlete Sometimes as adults we use these general concepts and as young children they need specific examples and they need concrete examples.

“We have a long-standing focus on getting kids in underserved communities access to STEM education. We’ve made the connection between STEM and basketball and sports science, that’s what this program is about. “, SC Johnson Chief Communications Officer said Alan Vander Molen. “We are so happy to be able to bring these kids from Racine to Milwaukee. We really hope that these kids will build long-term relationships with each other and also understand that sports (are) a part of their lives. But also, very few people can have a career in sport, so link sport with science and technology education for careers, as there are many jobs that kids like this don’t have access to.

Helping to bridge the gap was achieved through Monday’s program.

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