Meet the tallest man in France who became a viral sensation on TikTok

His humorous videos have made him a social media superstar: At 2.22 meters tall, professional basketball player Vincent Pourchot has used his height to inspire those who suffer from similar physical differences.

Officially the tallest man in France, the Tours Métropole Basket (ProB) player does not go unnoticed in public.

“The age when I realized that I was tall was when I was in primary school, when I was eight years old and I was 1m80 tall”, explains Vincent. He even admits to being taller than most of his teachers.

Vincent took full advantage of his abnormal size. Over the seasons, he has become the club’s mascot, and much more since he posted his videos.

“I took the leap during isolation. One evening, I filmed myself dancing to demonstrate that it was impossible for me to see myself in full in the mirrors of my apartment,” he explains. . “The video wasn’t great, but I posted it on TikTok anyway. What a surprise when I woke up!”

Overnight, he received nearly 200,000 likes on the first video he posted on TikTok. From that day on, he decides to embrace his “giant” status.

The strength of difference

Vincent now has 1.6 million subscribers on ICT Tac. He posts humorous videos exploring his life at 2.22 meters high. For example, he must lower his head before going through each door, and sit on a chair to do the dishes.

The 29-year-old has become an example for everyone who suffers from their physical differences. He hopes to inspire others to see their differences as a superpower.

“I’m comfortable with my tall size, I live very well with it,” he explains. “Not everyone does. I just got a message from a boy who was bullied at school because of his size. He assures me that my videos have given him confidence. I I feel useful.”

He has also been approached by film producers. “I was offered a good role in a feature film, but I had to be free for more than a month. It’s incompatible with professional basketball“, regrets Vincent Pourchot.

But his popularity continues to fuel his projects: he would like to become a writer one day, to be able to continue to promote “the strength of difference”.

Check out the video above to meet Vincent Pourchot

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