Mike Conley reveals new recipe to extend NBA career



Utah Jazz point guard Mike Conley is already 33 years old and doesn’t have much time to play at a high level. However, that doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything to extend his career and keep participating in the NBA.

In fact, he’s taken new steps this offseason to make sure he can play for longer in the best professional basketball in the world. His new secret? Yoga.

According to veteran Jazz playmaker, former NBA player Joe Johnson advised him to do yoga this summer, saying it would “add years to his career.” Conley admitted to trying it and noted how much it really benefited him.

“I really feel it,” Conley said of doing yoga in the offseason, by Eric Walden of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Maybe LeBron James and the oft-maligned “old” Los Angeles Lakers can do it too?

Either way, Utah certainly needs a healthy Mike Conley in 2021-22 as they try to maintain the success they had last season and improve in the playoffs after their exit in the second round.

The former Memphis Grizzlies star missed much of the 2021 Western Conference semifinals after suffering a hamstring injury. Jazz.

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