National Schools, U-23s and Women’s Basketball Leagues Coming Soon

As the Indian boys finished runners-up at the FIBA ​​3×3 Under-17 Asian Cup in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday and qualified for next year’s Under-18 World Cup, he there is something to celebrate in Indian basketball now. With Harsh Dagar playing a leading role, India made it to the final where they lost to Japan 17-21.

Indian basketball often needs good news as it aims to grow in the country. And the new Indian National Basketball League, currently underway in Kochi, is just the start of many things the INBL and the Basketball Federation of India are working on.

The next two years could see leagues in the under 23 age group and also for women and also at the school and college level.

“That’s the plan…I need to talk to the BFI.” My vision is to have some sort of competition on the lines we currently operate. Thanks to the Under 23s, we can really see the young talent come forward,” INBL CEO Parveen Batish said here Monday.

“This (INBL) is male only at the moment but we need to increase the depth of female talent and a good way to do that is to make something like this work in the under 23s. We can really see what talent is there.

“We are also planning school and college competitions next year, we are starting to work on it, we have to look at what is already there.

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Jalandhar-born Batish, a former player, qualified coach, referee and basketball business consultant in Australia where he has lived for 16 years, also clarified that the INBL, with a prize fund of Rs 50 lakh, will not is not a professional league but a concept to improve basketball at all levels.

“INBL is not a professional league. The main concept is to increase the number of people playing basketball. Also, to provide avenues for them to try and get to the top.

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