NBA star Chris Paul invests in Roots Food Group


Roots Food Group manufactures and distributes custom meals and “Food Is Medicine” products prescribed by physicians as a covered benefit to treat a variety of chronic conditions and diseases. The company is currently raising growth equity to execute contracts with health insurance companies, hospitals and self-insured employer programs.

“We are delighted to have Chris Paul join the Roots Food Group family and team. He is a recognized leader on and off the field and believes in Food is Medicine in his personal life and in the mission of Roots Food Group, ”said Robert T. Jones, Founder and CEO of Roots Food Group.

Chris Paul leveraged his platform as an extraordinary athlete, entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist and trained The Chris Paul Family Foundation have a positive impact on communities by providing resources that enrich and strengthen healthy development. As an investor in several better-for-you food and beverage companies, Paul continues to add value to promote healthy living.

“My interest in investing in Roots Food Group is to help provide access to healthy, high-quality food products to underserved communities and people with serious health conditions who will benefit from healthy dietary interventions,” said Paul.

Roots Food Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Roots Food Group, will work with the Chris Paul Family Foundation to donate “Food Is Medicine” products to underserved communities and those in need of healthy, unprocessed foods.

“Food is medicine” refers to a range of health and wellness interventions that recognize and respond to the critical link between nutrition and chronic disease. Interventions consist of healthy foods designed to meet the specific needs of people living with or at risk of serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and high cholesterol.

ROOTS FOOD GROUP is a mission-driven tech, healthcare, philanthropic and food company that believes in creating healthy results through “Food is medicine”. The company manufactures and distributes high quality food products, made from the earth and medically suitable for healthcare companies and affiliated systems, communities and directly to consumers to fight the epidemic of chronic disease and other medical conditions.

ROOT FOOD FOUNDATION is the philanthropic arm of Roots Food Group which focuses on politics, education and providing an integral part of the company’s mission. For every 10 meals sold, the foundation donates meals and food to underserved communities and programs to help those in need.

THE CHRIS PAUL FAMILY FOUNDATION is a leading philanthropic organization that strives to have a positive impact on individuals and their families by leveling the playing field in education, sport and life. The foundation uses its platform to provide resources that enrich and strengthen underserved communities across the country, as well as to develop young leaders nationally and globally.

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