NM State announces 5-year contract for men’s basketball coach Greg Heiar

LAS CRUCES — New Mexico State men’s basketball head coach Greg Heiar is guaranteed $300,000 a year for five years as NMSU’s program manager, according to his recently finalized contract.

Heir, who was hired on March 28, will receive a base salary $10,000 more than former head coach Chris Jans, though he is guaranteed less than half of Jans’ total salary. Heiar’s contract also includes up to $225,000 in incentives, such as wins over rivals UTEP and New Mexico and an NCAA Tournament appearance. His five-year contract is due to expire on April 30, 2027, when Jans’ restructured contract was due to expire.

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Heiar will receive $10,000 for winning the regular season conference championship and an additional $10,000 for an NCAA Tournament appearance. He will receive $10,000 for making the round of 32; $25,000 for the Sweet Sixteen; $30,000 for the Elite Eight; $35,000 for the Final Four and $50,000 for winning a national championship. He can also receive $5,000 for making the NIT Final Four and $10,000 for winning the NIT.

He will also receive an incentive bonus of 10% of season ticket sales from the men’s basketball team.

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Heiar will receive $2,500 for each regular season win over UTEP or UNM. His contract buyout will be half of his remaining base salary if he is hired by another school. The NMSU will owe Heiar his entire remaining base salary if the university chooses to terminate him without cause before his contract expires.

Jans’ incentives in his most recent restructured contract did not include a $10,000 bonus for reaching the NCAA Tournament, but did include a $5,000 bonus for winning a Multi-Team Event (MTE) ; a $5,000 by winning an ESPN-sponsored MTE (in addition to other incentive bonuses for winning an MTE); $1,000 for each win over a Division I opponent above 22 wins over Division I opponents in a season and $10,000 when qualifying for the post-season NCAA Tournament as a general bid team.

Heiar’s will receive half of what Chris Jans received for his wins over UNM, UTEP and Power Five. Both coaches’ incentives for advancing in the NCAA Tournament are identical. He will also receive half of the percentage of income from guaranteed subscriptions to Jans.

He is entitled to a cash allowance of $50 per month for the purchase of a cell phone, $400 per month for a vehicle allowance, a housing allowance for 60 days, $18,000 in expenses moving expenses and “reasonable travel expenses” to allow his wife and children to attend regular and playoff games.

Heiar is guaranteed $320,000 less than Jans, whose salary was bolstered by a privately funded retention bonus that allowed NMSU to guarantee him $620,000 a year. Athletic director Mario Moccia said at Heiar’s introductory press conference that “there are a lot of tools in the tool bag” if the university chooses to increase Heiar’s guaranteed salary over the entire line.

Heiar will not receive an annual retention bonus, which Jans did in his original contract.

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