Oregon Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Chuck Martin Contract Details

EUGENE — New Oregon men’s basketball assistant coach Chuck Martin will earn less than his predecessors, but in line with what he earned before coming to UO.

Martin has signed a two-year contract through June 2024 worth $325,000 this year and $350,000 next year, according to documents released by UO in response to an open records request. He also received a $25,000 signing bonus in lieu of relocation expense reimbursement, which Martin would owe UO if he left before June 30, 2023.

That matches the $300,000 Martin earned in South Carolina in 2020-21, the latest publicly available figure, but lower than Chris Crutchfield’s $375,000 salary at UO last season and Tony’s $500,000 salary. Stubblefield the previous year.

Martin’s performance bonuses are the same as fellow assistant coach Mike Mennenga.

If Oregon finishes first in the Pac-12 during the regular season, Martin will receive a $5,000 bonus, with corresponding bonuses decreasing by $1,000 for second through fifth place finishes. A win in the Pac-12 Tournament Semifinals is worth $1,500 and a win in the Conference Tournament Finals is worth $3,000 and these are not cumulative. NIT bids are worth $1,000 and winning the NIT is $5,000 while NCAA Tournament bids are worth $10,000, with wins worth $5,000 per round and $20,000 in the National Championship for a total of $45,000.

The men’s basketball team receiving an APR (Academic Progression Rate) score between 985 and 1,000 leads to a $10,000 bonus while a perfect score of 1,000 earns a $20,000 bonus.

Martin’s buyout if UO terminates him without cause is his full salary for the remaining term of his contract, unless Dana Altman leaves Oregon, in which case Martin owes one year’s salary or the remainder of his term. contract, whichever is lower. There is attenuation in both cases.

If Martin left UO, he shouldn’t have a buyout until his departure occurs during the team’s season or playoffs.

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