Patrick Hunt Becomes Life Member of the Tamworth Basketball Association | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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Patrick Hunt saw the Tamworth Basketball Association based at four different venues in the city. The association has gone from playing on an outdoor court next to the former No.3 Oval to now based at the versatile Tamworth Sports Dome. And during that time, there have always been exceptional volunteers, Hunt said. The boy from Tamworth, who went on to become the president of the World Association of Basketball Coaches, is one of them and was recognized on Tuesday when he was made a life member of the TBA. Hunt, 68, said it was “an absolute honor” to join the exclusive group. “The people who came before me as life members have all been excellent volunteers for the sport,” Hunt told the Leader. Hunt said he has coached many of the other lifelong members and seeing them grow into such valued members of the basketball community was something that gave the former national coach “a great thrill.” “It meant that my job, in terms of getting them excited about our wonderful sport, had a long term effect where they stayed involved and they were able to give something back to the sport,” he said. “To me that means a lot and to be honored in this way… like I say, I’m humbled and privileged and it’s fantastic. It’s wonderful.” Hunt’s list of accomplishments is long. In addition to coaching national teams, he coached the Canberra Cannons and worked at the Australian Institute of Sport for 36 years. He is currently Chairman of the FIBA ​​Technical Commission, received the Order of Australia and has competed in six Olympic Games in various roles. Hunt was in Tokyo to watch Australia take the bronze medal in the men’s basketball tournament. Many of these players had come through the programs run by Hunt and were part of AIS. “The bronze was fantastic for Australia and to have Nick Kay too [was great]said Hunt. “Patty Mills and this generation of kids have been through it. [national intensive training] program and many Opal players as well, so it was great to see the fruits of a lot of our work in this area. Hunt is still a regular visitor to Tamworth. He returns to his hometown once or twice a year for with friends. Hunt not only loves the place, but he’s one of Tamworth’s biggest advocates. No matter what tournament he participates in, he’s sure to introduce everyone to the Country Music Capital and that it’s Nick Kay’s hometown too. Hunt is grateful for his debut playing on the outdoor courts alongside the No. 3 Oval before he started coaching early at the age of 16. “The springboard came from Tamworth. This is where it all started, ”he said. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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