Pro Basketball Manager 2022: New Hotfix Provides Major Fixes to Data Editor

2022 Professional Basketball Manager allows you to manage a team’s basketball operations, such as hiring new players and distributing salaries, among others.

This game features over 160 basketball competitions and gives you that sense of authenticity unlike any other title in its genre. That said, a new patch implemented major fixes for the Data Editor.

First, using the data editor to edit competitions will no longer cause crashes, thanks to the bug fix. Second, issues that occurred when changing a team’s color have been resolved.

In addition to fixes, a new feature has been added to the Data Editor where it is now possible to import and export player attributes via comma separated values ​​(CSV).

In terms of in-game improvements, you can now import parts from another quarry. Additionally, many duplicate cities in the United States are removed and memory outage issues have been addressed.

Change log


  • Import parts from another quarry

  • Improvement of the detail of the qualifications in the competition rules for the teams still qualified

  • Improved display of optional qualifications in competition rules

  • Creation of the Adriatic League 2nd division

  • Improved format of the 1st division of the Adriatic League

  • Improvement of foreign quotas in Spain

  • Fixed winner of the Bosnian League for the 2020-2021 season

  • Fixed a duplicate team in Romania

  • Fixed in-game memory crash issues

  • Fixed Italian localization

  • Removed many duplicate cities in the United States

  • New competition format in Serbia

  • Fixed email refresh

  • Correction of the generation of the final standings after the playoffs


  • Fixed a crash in the data editor when editing competitions

  • Fixed the drop-down list of the city of birth in the data editor

  • Fixed bugs changing the color of a team in the data editor

  • Fixed drop-down cities with USA for players and teams

  • Fixed a bug in the data editor removing American League years

  • Renewal date of your coach’s fixed contract when editing the backup via the data editor

  • Fixed first game start schedule when changing date in data editor

  • Added ability to export and import player attributes via CSV

The developers have said that they may be adding more improvements to the game and the data editor in the coming weeks.

2022 Professional Basketball Manager The January 4 update is available on PC.

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