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Prior to the Herbstfest Little Miss pageant, Elizabeth Van Kersen and Margaret Houchin led the contestants in a dance from a perch in the stands. Van Kersen, who is the daughter of contest director Irene Van Kersen, taught dance to the song “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. Herald file photo by Tim Myers. Published October 4, 1996.


October 8, 1956

An estimated 10,000 to 12,000 crowd took to the streets of the Huntingburg business district on Saturday afternoon to watch the parade which was the culmination of the three-day celebration held in conjunction with the Old Fashioned Bargain Days. Some of the vehicles on the parade stirred nostalgic memories in the minds of older residents. They included vintage cars, a steam engine of the type that was used to power threshers that moved from farm to farm, and an old fire engine.

October 9

The sixteen cast of the Civic Theater in Jasper – eight men, six women and two baby pigs – present their last performance of “January Thaw,” a three-act comedy, tonight at 8:15 pm in the Kundek Hall. Tonight’s performance crowns six weeks of intensive effort, not only on the part of the cast, but also property crews, film and direction crews and other members with various responsibilities that contribute to the success of the production. Only the pigs had it easy. Brought in from Bob Berg’s farm around nine o’clock each evening, they make their brief appearance and are brought back to their pen without a line to learn.

October 10

The Dubois County Country Club board of directors has filed with the Circuit Court a disclaimer regarding the matter of Order 441, passed by city council for the annexation of a large area to the west of the old city limits of Jasper, and will not challenge the annexation of the Summit Heights area to the corporate city. The board had challenged the annexation under the false impression that if the area were annexed, country club members would have to pay the full cost of installing sewers along the length of the club grounds.

October 11

The curfew will ring again in Jasper starting tonight at 10 am, it was decided last night by city council during its regular meeting with Mayor Ed J. Lorey. The council unanimously agreed to order the application of an eight-year ordinance that requires children 16 and under to be off streets and public places between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. night at 10 am, starting this evening, and the city police have been tasked with enforcing the ordinance which provides for penalties for offenses for both children and their parents.

12 october

Speedboat racing will return to Calumet Lake in Jasper this Sunday afternoon for the last time of the season. This third race of the season is presented by Edward J. Rees, owner of Calumet Lake. Entrances from Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis; High ground ; Columbus and Vincennes are expected for this race. An added attraction for the afternoon festivities will be the presence of Elbert W. Woddy of New Albany, the D-1 Utility Race Driver World Champion. He set a new world record on a direct one-mile course in Clinton, Tennessee, recently to win the title.

October 13

Coach Howard Sharp’s Huntingburg Happy Hunters unleashed a powerful and shattering attack on the Mitchell Blue Jackets last night at City Park for their first win of the year. Miss Glenda Harris was named Huntingburg High School Football Queen in 1956 shortly before the Hunters entered the field. Meanwhile, the Jasper Wildcats continued to be undefeated last night, crushing the winless Providence Pioneers 32-0 in a non-conference game played at Jeffersonville Municipal Stadium.

October 11, 1971

On the first page of this issue, Ferdinand’s Faye Spayd. She was crowned Sunday afternoon as the Miss Flame of the Indiana 18th District Volunteer Firefighters Association. The crown is Patty Rice of Holland, the queen of last year. Sandy Voelkel of Dubois and Darlene Ruckriegel were also in the picture. Several thousand people were on hand in Ferdinand on Sunday to watch 101 units take part in the annual Fire Prevention Week parade.

12 october

Sid Collins, famous sports announcer known as “The Voice of the 500” mile Indianapolis Speedway Race, will be the guest speaker at the 18th Annual Jasper Chamber of Commerce Dinner Thursday night of this week. Dinner will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the K of C House where portraits of the 16 men who have served on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce will be on display by Robert McCarty of Parker Portraits. Additionally, on Thursday, Carl Gehlhausen will be exhibiting one of his race cars in downtown Jasper in connection with Collins’ appearance in Jasper.

October 13

Father Joseph E. Kane of Ferdinand announced plans for an independent basketball league in Dubois and counties in the region. According to Fr. Kane’s announcement, all high school boys in Dubois County and surrounding areas are eligible to participate in the new league which will replace the CYO league that has been operating locally for the past several years. Each team must have a coach who is not in high school. The registration fee is $ 15 per team. The matches will be played on Sunday afternoons from November to February.

October 14

The attorney for the 141 residents of the Birdseye area who lost an Evansville U.S. District Court ruling last month has filed an appeal with the Chicago U.S. District Court of Appeals. On September 16, Federal Judge S. Hugh Dillion of the Evansville Court ruled that Birdseye High School would remain closed. in the Forest Park High library should be reassessed in order to reduce the number of Catholic publications. Following Justice Dillion’s ruling, Fremont Pickett of Shoals said the ruling will be appealed.

October 15

On the front page of this issue, four of the five executives elected this morning by the directors of the Jasper Chamber of Commerce at a reorganization meeting at Beck’s Restaurant. Persons pictured include Dave Buehler, past president, and John Spindler, Jr., new president. Others pictured are Rich Schnarr, Secretary, Mike Witte, Second Vice President, and John Templin, Treasurer. Rich Merder, who was chosen as first vice-chairman, was not present at the meeting.

October 16

Heavy fog in the depths between Washington and Jasper caused a lot of trouble for Jasper fans returning home after Friday night’s football game in Washington. But the issues were minor compared to what Jerry Brewer’s Wildcats encountered earlier on the football field. The Wildcats had to contend with a heavy downpour, a muddy field, fog, a blazing Washington defense, a rambling Washington offense before coming out on top with a 20-6 SIAC victory. Meanwhile, the Huntingburg Happy Hunters were once again able to stay alive in the PAC race by passing Petersburg on Friday night in Petersburg. The Hunters scored late in the fourth quarter for a 10-6 victory.

October 7, 1996

Hundreds of fans gathered in the alumni stadium on Saturday to watch 23 marching bands compete against each other in the district competition on Saturday. All six local groups – Jasper, Southridge, Forest Park, Dubois, Heritage Hills and Pike Central – received Division 1 ratings, allowing them to advance to regional competition on October 19. Attendance records for the district competition were shattered at the gate as cars filled the stadium parking lot and the neighboring field.

October 8

Ireland’s long-awaited sewerage project could come true with an $ 800,000 state grant that is expected to revive it. The grant was recently awarded to the Conservation District of Ireland-Madison Township to help fund a wastewater treatment system, District Chairman Charlie Mendel said. The grant would provide a good portion of the cost of the $ 2.2 million project and get it started.

October 9

Jasper’s volleyball team claimed another Big Eight Conference victory with a victory over Tell City. In a game played at Tell City, Jasper continued his dominance in the conference with a two-game victory by identical scores of 15-7. The Cats have gone to 21-3 in the season and to 4-0 in the Big Eight. Rachel Ruhe and Dana Schitter led the Cats in kills with seven apiece. Libby Mauck had 14 assists and six digs.

October 10

If a cat has nine lives, the Jasper Wildcats used one in Wednesday’s semifinals of the Jasper Boys’ Regional Tennis Tournament. In a tense and intense game against the No.15 Evansville Memorial, the No.18 Cats overcame an early deficit to claim a huge 3-2 win over the Tigers and a shot at tonight’s regional championship against Castle. “I think we’ve all seen real character tonight and the ability to measure up,” said Jasper coach Ed Yarbrough.

October 11

Kimball International Inc. (NASDAQ National Market KBALB), a diversified furniture and electronics maker, reported record sales and near-record profits for the three months ending September 30. Sales for the first quarter of fiscal 1997 were $ 247.7 million, an increase from sales of $ 218.9 in the last year’s quarter. Profit of $ 13.5 million set a record first quarter, up 61% from below normal net income of $ 8.4 million in the first quarter of last year.

12 october

The Braves of Tecumseh should pray for insomnia as they will not want to relive this nightmare. Tecumseh controlled the ball for 11:59 of the first quarter, but was still down 7-0 by the Southridge Raiders. The Braves played 54 first-half games against the Raiders 8, but ended up trailing 27-0 at halftime. Southridge didn’t pass a pass, but didn’t need to as the Raider rushers racked up 332 yards – led by Travis Smith’s 241 – and completely dissected the Braves in a 40-0 laugh. Friday at the Southridge Senior Party.


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