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Sanjog Gupta even added that the expansion of the IPL is for the good of Indian cricket.

IPL Trophy (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

So. It’s official. The two new IPL franchises that will participate in the 2022 edition of the tournament are Lucknow and Ahmedabad. While the Lucknow franchise was purchased by the RPSG group for a whopping sum of INR 7,090 crore, the Ahmedabad franchise was purchased by CVC Capital Partners for INR 5,625 crore.

And now Freddie Wilde, the co-author of the Cricket 2.0 book, has tweeted what Star Sports CEO Sanjog Gupta thinks about the IPL expansion. Wilde tweeted an excerpt from his book.

Gupta had previously talked about expanding the IPL into a 10-team affair. Gupta even added that the expansion of the IPL is for the good of Indian locust.

“I’m thinking of two new IPL teams, that’s for sure. There could be no better time for the IPL to grow for the good of Indian cricket, to maximize value and for the fans. Now is absolutely the right time for the IPL to grow, ”Gupta said of the tournament’s expansion.

IPL could become a three-month tournament: Sanjog Gupta

Sanjog Gupta also added that over a period of 10 years, the IPL can have 12 teams and the tournament can take place over a period of three and a half months.

“Over a ten-year period, maybe 12 teams. With 10 teams, it should extend by at least two and a half weeks. With 12 teams potentially an extra month or maybe more than a month. A two month tournament becomes a three, three and a half month tournament, ”Gupta revealed.

Gupta also added that the IPL could follow in the footsteps of Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association where regular season games are played. The tweet also states that a female IPL will also be launched in the 2020s.

“The preseason or all-star games could certainly be seen as flagship events abroad to increase the popularity of the IPL. This would follow leagues like Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and National Football League.

As the popularity of women’s cricket increases, IPL franchises increasingly support the idea of ​​a women’s IPL, which is expected to launch in the early 2020s, ”the tweet read.

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