The B. League cancels All-Star festivities


The B.League has decided to cancel its All-Star weekend festivities January 14-15, 2022 at Okinawa Arena due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Japan.

Many players in the league have contracted the virus, forcing the Japan Basketball Association to postpone the quarter-finals of the 97th Emperor’s Cup yesterday.

The B.League matches this weekend are also likely to be canceled.

“I’m sure there are a lot of fans who are disappointed that the event has been canceled for the second year in a row,” said B.League President Shinji Shimada. “I am very sorry for this.

“I am also very disappointed as I was convinced that the greatest and best ALL-STAR GAME of all time would bring a smile to everyone’s face, even if just a little, in this world that feels locked away because of COVID-19.

Besides the all-star game between the black and white teams, the B.League was also supposed to be the Asian players’ first game against the rising stars of Japan on the 14th.

Kiefer Ravena from Shiga is said to have joined his brother Thirdy from San-En, Ray Parks Jr. from Nagoya, Dwight Ramos from Toyama, Kobe Paras from Niigata, Javi Gomez from Liaño from Ibaraki, Juan Gomez from Liaño from Tokyo Z and Kemark Carino from ‘Aomori in the Asian All-Stars.

The Asian quota player squad is complemented by Brandon Jawato from Utsunomiya, Wang Weijia from Akita, Yang Jaemin from Shinshu, Liu Jin from Nishinomiya and Lin Chihwei from Fukuoka.

Matthew Aquino of Shinshu was supposed to perform for the Rising Stars, along with Kai Toews of Utsunomiya; Koh Flippin and Keita Imamura from Ryukyu; Yuto Nohmi from Niigata; Takumi Saito from Nagoya; Takuma Sato from Chiba; Taiki Osakabe from Tokyo; Keisuke Masuda and Satoru Maeta of Kawasaki; Ryogo Sumino from Mikawa; Eliet Donley of Osaka; and Ryo Terashima from Hiroshima.

Kiefer, Thirdy, Kobe and Javi are also said to have participated in the side events.

The league is still planning a few events to celebrate the weekend.

“Although the ALL-STAR GAME has been canceled, we will try to offer content on the same day for the enjoyment of the fans. Also, despite the serious situation, we will continue the league games with a strong will as long as we are allowed. to organize them with the cooperation of our fans. “


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