The cost to play during the summer

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At summer clinics for the Salvation Army Recruit Basketball Association, a basketball league for young girls and boys, students in grades K-8 were able to keep things under $100. If you are interested in bringing your child to the clinics, there are a few places left; visit the website to learn more.

However, they noticed a slight decrease in the number of participants compared to last year. “We have K1s…grades 2-3 and K2s…grades 4-6. Our second session of grades 4-6 was the only one with short numbers,” Mallett said. We had a bare minimum of what needed to hit and we didn’t hit in Session 2. Kris Mallett is the Salvation Army’s director of rookie basketball.

Ms. CF, a grandmother, says summer clinics and camps like this are a tradition in their family and they want to pass that on. While making sure kids have fun, it comes at a price. “Almost every camp they go to, because she also does gymnastics and it costs, and she goes to football and it costs. She’s also in daycare. So you pay for daycare while she is at camp.”

Inflation has caused clinical organizations to make changes when it comes to the remuneration of their staff. Mallett mentions how the pay had to go up. “We’ve had to look carefully at what we pay our staff, and we’ve had to increase what we pay our staff and referees to be able to be competitive in that area in the region. So we’ve gone from $11 to $20 a year. time, and that’s how we can recruit staff.”

On the court, the rookie basketball association wants to make sure everyone has a chance to participate. “Thanks to covid, it really surprised me that the number of families applying for scholarships hasn’t changed much from the norm. I expected a lot more families to apply for scholarships. We were prepared for this “, and they didn’t. We never turn away someone who is in financial difficulty, Mallett said. We just asked them to fill out an application, provide proof of assistance and income, and we let’s look at that and then donate the scholarship appropriately. The goal of the program is to provide basketball opportunities for everyone, regardless of income.”

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