Top 6 Options Analysis for Top 10 PG Elliot Gift

NCAA Basketball Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the 2024 NCAA Basketball recruiting class, Elliot Cadeau is right that he’s the best pure point guard overall. He and another five-star prospect, Zoom Diallo, are battling for that accolade. Present is a top 10 rookie and comes from Missouri State.

Although a bit undersized at 6’1 and around 170 pounds, the high school junior possesses elite passing and ballhandling ability. The point guard is also an electric scorer, able to reach the basket at a consistent level and create offense for himself and others. He’s also a solid defender and should be an instant impact player at the NCAA Basketball level.

There are six programs that would be in the mix for his services, all of which are quality power conference teams. Even though it is two years from now that he will be with one of them, there is still knowledge about his potential suitability with each of them.

Here is an overview of Gift that potentially corresponds to each of them.

Kansas Jayhawks

There are many ball handlers for the Jayhawks now and in the future, aside from senior transfer Kevin McCullar. The team recently landed top-30 point guard Elmarko Jackson in the 2023 class, along with combo guards Chris Johnson and Jamari McDowell. And chances are that Dajuan Harris, who started on the side that won the national title last year, will be a senior by the time Cadeau arrives.

It’s a program that has sent a number of point guards to the NBA under head coach Bill Self and they’re on a 33-year streak of NCAA Tournament participation. The only problem is, Cadeau won’t be the only ball handler in the field and will have to share it more than the other options. But the opportunity to be a top perimeter player over a competitor is very attractive.

Louisville Cardinals

Louisville is the exact opposite of Kansas when it comes to guard depth for the program. The ACC team only has the starting guard El Ellis for 1-2 years and the only other perimeter player is Fabio Basili, a three-star freshman who joined the program late. Plus, it’s literally nothing, as they have no guard commitments in the Class of 2023. One option left is five-star guard DJ Wagner, who is reportedly choosing between Louisville and Kentucky.

Even if he chooses the Cardinals, Wagner will likely only stay a year before turning pro, so the backcourt would be wide open for Cadeau to come in and be a top player on offense. The team is rebuilding and we don’t know how good they will be by the time the prospect arrives, but playing time is the best point they can bring to them.

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