Trained by Kobe Bryant, the young basketball prodigy raises awareness of Brittney Griner via a clothing line

Isabella Escribano, 14 years old is known as “Jiggy Izzy” to her more than 240,000 social media followers. The teenage basketball prodigy, who trained with a number of big names in the NBA, including Kobe Bryantwill play for the Mexico national U15 basketball team. The youngest to make the team at 13, she is still two years younger than most competitors.

She’s also so much more than a phenomenal basketball player who happens to have played under the late Bryant in “Team Mamba.”

Clothing line includes Brittney Griner hoodies and t-shirts

Last year, Escribano created the brand of support for the WNBA known as “Break the cursein his parents’ garage, with the help of his brother Marco and it became an instant hit. The mark has also been worn by NBA players such as Chris Paul and Jordan Clarkson.

Then, after Brittney Griner’s arrest in Russianhis WNBA agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas reached out to Escribano and asked him to collaborate on what clothing players would wear to raise awareness of Griner’s situation. Escribano was more than happy to comply. She said she “wanted to make Brittney Griner’s shirt as loud as possible”.

The front of the hoodie features a smiling Griner in his team jersey, Mercury Phoenix, and a basketball emblazoned with “WEAREBG.” We are BG became the rallying cry of the campaign to free Griner.

Griner T-Shirt Logo: Twitter

“I wanted to make sure the shirt meant something,” Escribano told the NY Times. “Like, when you see it, it’s something big. It’s basically a statement… What we want to do is start a conversation, like whoever’s wearing it is supporting it, basically saying: “Free Brittney Griner”.

Meanwhile, Escribano’s call to the Mexican national team moves forward.

“For me to have this opportunity, I don’t want to let [them] down,” Escribano told Santa Clarita The signal “I want to give everything every day in Mexico. This is a great accomplishment for me and my dream board. I’m really excited.”

Picture: YouTube

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