Troy Nunes is an absolute livecast: Syracuse Big East basketball nostalgia bites back

So uh … that was a dozen of a week for the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team. We relived the glory days of Great East and are now 0-2 to show for the nostalgic trip. With the two losses to come “on the road *”, there is certainly a silver lining somewhere, but it is not here. Unless you fancy talking about our national transitive football championship. It was this kind of week …

As usual, Andy, Christian and Steve were hoping on the Nunesmagician Twitch Channel Sunday evening to recap the week at Orange!

In this week’s edition of LiveCast, the guys talked about …

  • Nostalgia is bad. Steve tried to warn us.
  • It’s the worst start for a Jim Boeheim basketball team, ever. It is a fact. It hurts.
  • Shout out to TA, the best running back in Union history. And names on which we are surprised Villanova and Georgetown.
  • The defense of Syracuse in the first half: let the other team miss some wide open shots! What’s wrong with the area?
  • Oh and bounce back. It is not ideal either. So everything is bad!
  • What’s wrong with Buddy Boeheim? We do not know ! But we know why he struggles.
  • How can the Orange start the offensive?
  • What is the best role of Symir Torrence in this team?
  • Christian kills Andy and Steve with just one comparison.
  • It’s time to talk about the movement of soccer players!
  • #MarvelMinute!
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These will take place every Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET, so feel free to have some fun or wait until the following Monday morning to re-watch it above!

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