Vanderbilt vs. BYU men’s basketball video highlights, score

Vanderbilt and BYU men’s basketball teams meet in the Classic Diamond Head 2021 second round on Thursday 23 December.

BYU leads Vanderbilt 35-30 at halftime.

Vanderbilt enters the game 7-4 on aggregate. Most recently, the Commodores defeated Hawaii 68-54 on Wednesday in the Diamond Head Classic quarterfinals.

BYU comes into play 9-2 in total. BYU beat South Florida 54-39 in the first round of the Diamond Head Classic on Wednesday.

Check out the best games in the game.

Vandy’s Scotty Pippen Pulls Charges

Guard Vanderbilt Scotty Pippen Jr. pulled a charge from BYU’s Alex Barcello with 7:08 left in the first half.

BYU’s Gideon George vs. Spencer Johnson’s basket

BYU forward Gideon Georges blocked a shot from Trey Thomas of Vanderbilt, and George grabbed the ball and sent it to Spencer johnson for a lay-up with 11:00 on the left in the first half. Johnson’s basket helped BYU advance 21-14.

Trey Thomas de Vandy at 3 points

Guard Vanderbilt Thomas trey hit a 3-pointer in the right corner with 13:24 left in the first half on an assist from Scotty Pippen Jr. That reduced BYU’s lead to 16-14.

BYU 3-point Trevin Knell

BYU Guard Trevin Knell hitting a 3-pointer at the top of the key with 17:54 left in the first half. Knell’s basket reduced Vanderbilt’s lead to 8-5.

Here is more news on men’s basketball from Vanderbilt, BYU:

Hawaii goalie JoVon McClanahan (3) guards Vanderbilt goalie Scotty Pippen Jr. (2) during an NCAA college basketball game Wednesday, December 22, 2021 in Honolulu.  (AP Photo / Marco Garcia)

Marc Pape is the BYU men’s basketball head coach. Jerry stackhouse is Vanderbilt’s head men’s basketball coach.

Erik Hall is the leading digital sports producer with USA Today Network. You can find him on Twitter @HallErik.

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