Washington vs. Seattle men’s basketball game preview and how to watch

How to watch (and bet)

Dated: Saturday 12/18/21

Departure time: 7:00 p.m. PST

TV: Pac-12 networks

Diffusion: Pac-12.com/live

Radio: KJR 950 AM / KVI 570

Site: Seattle, Washington

DraftKings betting line: Washington Huskies -5

Seattle 2021-22 Statistics:

Registration: 8-3

Points for per game: 74.7 points per game (65th)

Points against per game: 67.4 ppg (124th)

Adjusted offensive efficiency: 100.3 (189th)

Adjusted defensive efficiency: 102.4 (215th)

Calendar strength: 358th

Seattle Redhawks key players:

G- Darrion Trammell, then. 5’10, 165: 14.2 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 5.4 apg, 39.4% FG, 33.3% 3pt, 71.4% FT

It’s kind of crazy that Trammell has an average of 5/14/3 and has a declining year, but it certainly is. Last season, he averaged 20.5 points per game thanks to better overall shooting and higher use rate. Hopefully he won’t come out of his relative shooting crisis tonight against the Huskies, although it should be noted that in 4 career games against Pac-12 teams he is averaging just 10, 8 points per game on 30% shots, so that can be partly based on the strength of the schedule. Another thing to note is that Trammell is 21st nationally for steal rate averaging nearly 3 per game, so he can also be a defensive devastation at 5’10.

G- Cameron Tyson, then. 6’2, 190: 14.7 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 0.8 apg, 42.2% FG, 41.6% 3pt, 80.0% FT

It’s been an interesting career arc for Tyson who averaged almost 14 points per game in Idaho as a freshman from Bothell, then transferred to Houston where he only played 10 minutes per game for. a Final 4 team almost exclusively as a 3-point specialist. After being transferred down, he’s posting improved numbers so far for Seattle and leading the Redhawks on the rebound to 6 per game as a 6’2 shooting goaltender. For his career, almost 70% of his shots were from behind the arc, so expect him to bombard UW.

G-Riley Grisby, Jr. 6’6. 220: 14.4 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 1.2 apg, 39.9% FG, 24.1% 3pt, 85.7% FT

Last year Grigsby averaged 17.8 points per game so his numbers are down a bit although that is in part because he only has fewer minutes. He’s a career 30% 3pt shooter, but he gained 38% in depth last year, so he’s not very consistent. The only thing Grisby does really well is take care of the ball so he’s at least able to shoot even if it’s not going very efficiently right now.

G-Viktor Rajkovic, P. 6’6, 210: 4.8 ppg, 4.2 rpg, 1.5 apg, 44.4% FG, 37.5% 3pt, 66.7% FT

Considering the 3-headed monster listed above, it’s no surprise that the rest of the Seattle roster don’t have a lot of oomph. Rajkovic was a very solid 4th banana shot with efficiency while serving at least as a rebounder, passer and middle defender. He’s a glue guy who won’t be the best player in any game but usually helps to win.

F- Kobe Williamson, then. 6’8, 225: 5.8 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 0.6 bpg, 52.3% FG, 33.3% 3pt, 73.3% FT

There really isn’t a real center on Seatle’s list. They run a few big men, but Williamson played the most minutes and started last year. He’s a solid shot blocker for the number of minutes he’s played and shoots 72.7% on 2-point attempts, so he has the potential to put Washington to work in the paint. The problem for Seattle is he took more 3s than 2s and the Huskies should be cheering that for a 29% 3pt career shooter.


Let’s start with the obvious. The last time Washington was on the pitch was in November in an 82-74 loss to Winthrop 3 weeks ago. Since that time Washington had a chunk of the COVID-19 team contract big enough for the Huskies to stop training and ultimately had to cancel their @Arizona 3-game glove, UCLA, and @Gonzaga. The LA Times reported that up to 7 team members have contracted the virus although it has not been publicly announced how many players compared to staff are. We have no idea if any of the players will be more fatigued, although not being able to train for at least 2 weeks almost certainly damages the conditioning and cohesion of the team. Last season’s national champion Baylor nearly lost to 2-22 State of Iowa after coming back from a 3 week break, it can therefore have a major effect.

We’re going to focus on what we know, though, which is the Seattle Redhawks. It was also a season of upheaval for Seattle as their the head coach has resigned after the first game of the year for using a racial slur. Despite that, Seattle got off to a pretty good start in terms of the record and currently sits at 8-3.

However, a big part of that is the timing. The Redhawks, according to KenPom, have so far played the easiest schedule in the country among all D-1 schools. Their victories so far have all come at home against the # 253, 290, 306, 311, 316, 326, 357 and D3 Pacific Lutheran. The losses came at Wazzu, at home against # 233 VMI, and # 139 UNLV. Washington aren’t a good basketball team, but they’re still significantly better than any team Seattle has beaten so far this season.

It’s pretty clear what the strategy is for Seattle on any given night. They are ranked 25th nationwide in% shots from behind the arc and complete 36.2% of their down tries. They only have one player over 6’8 and do their best to space the floor and try to make as many 3-point shots as possible. In Seattle’s 3-game losing streak, they’re combined at 30/92 at depth, so if they don’t make closer to 40% of their 3-point shots they’re probably going to be in trouble.

On the other side of the field, it’s a solid defense but not spectacular for Seattle. They were above average in forcing turnovers and securing defensive rebounds, which helped them gain a possession advantage. The problem is, they are extremely foul prone with their short stature and expect Washington to attack the rim on most possessions to try and win over 30 free throws and slow the game down.

It looks like a good game for the Huskies. Even when Washington played mid-majors this year, it seems like every team they play on has a dominant position option that can torch Nate Roberts 1v1 down. This is not the case for Seattle as they do not have a player over 6’6 with an average of over 6 points per game. A small ball team with Emmitt Matthews on 5 will have a great chance to dominate Seattle athletically and not put the Huskies at a disadvantage defensively.

The wild card is of course how the Huskies react to the extended break. If this game was set 2.5 weeks ago and we had just released the Winthrop game with otherwise the same information, I would still feel pretty good with this game. I’m a little worried though that the Huskies have the looks very rusty, making it a last second affair.


Washington Huskies– 67, Seattle Redhawks – 64

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