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The LIV Golf Series is an entry-level professional golf tour that organizers hope to position as a player-power-focused alternative to the PGA Tour, which was, for decades, the most historic level of professional golf.

The LIV Golf Series is funded by the public investment fund, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which has always grabbed headlines for its human rights policies.

Since its inception, many talented and recognizable golfers have moved to join the new circuit.

This led the MaineStay Media/VillageSoup sports staff to ask, in its latest poll: What do you think of the new LIV Tour, which has lured golfers, including big-name players, away from the PGA?

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In a previous poll, voters were asked how far the Boston Celtics would advance in the National Basketball Association playoffs?

Forty percent said the Celtics would lose in the conference finals. Another 30% said they would lose in the conference semifinals. Thirty percent said it was time to warm up the ducks and get ready to hoist the 18 banner because it was “the championship all the way, baby.”

Celtic ultimately won the conference title and lost four games to two to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Championship Series.

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