‘Woke’ ideology is how the elite say they’re superior to you


What do you think “virtue signage” means? It is about claiming superiority for the speaker and inferiority for the listener. It means “I am a good person, and if you disagree with me enthusiastically, you are a bad person.”

When the Prime Minister of Canada says he is a feminist and requires others to implement feminist policies, that he is anti-racist and that others must implement anti-racist policies, he is saying: “If you are d agree with me and act as I ask, you are a good person. If you disagree with me you are a misguided thinker, misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic and probably an insurgent who should be in jail. That’s exactly what Justin Trudeau told striking truckers in Ottawa instead of telling them about their concerns.

When Hillary Clinton declared that half of Trump’s voters were “a basket of deplorables: racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes,” and the urban Democratic voting audience laughed and clapped, she and his audience said, “They are bad people very different from us, who are good people.

To bolster their virtue, the elite have generated a series of massive lies about North American society. Special interests such as feminists have asserted that all women are helpless victims of a brutal hierarchy and that all men are “toxic” oppressors of women. Some men have accepted these misleading claims because they want to be on good terms with women, and reporting feminist virtue is the ticket.

African-American activists have argued, despite overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary, that police kill black people at will and in large numbers, and white racists do the same. Black Lives Matter (BLM) has used this lie to justify widespread rioting, looting, arson, assault and murder, and the destruction of city centers across the country. Politicians such as Trudeau and former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) have shown their virtue by participating in protests with BLM and supporting this extremist organization.

Politicians were by no means alone in their expressions of solidarity with BLM. Major American corporations have made strong statements and sent tens of millions of dollars to the BLM organization. All of this would have been in the service of “social justice” and “black lives”.

BLM advocated the riots and defunding of the police, which were carried out in most Democratic-run cities. During the riots, many small black-owned businesses were destroyed and black people, such as retired police captain David Dorn, were murdered. And the reduction in policing, not favored by black communities according to opinion polls, has led to a spike in crime rates in black communities, with nearly ten thousand black people murdered, most by other black people. The BLM organization then would have took donations given for “black lives” and bought a multi-million dollar mansion. Leaders of the BLM organization, who are recorded as proclaiming that they are “trained Marxists”, have furthered the cause of BLM by making their own lives more luxurious.

However, BLM’s lies pale in comparison to the monstrous lie promulgated by none other than President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly asserted that America is “systematically racist.” This claim rests on a travesty of an argument that certain census categories – blacks and Hispanics – don’t do as well as whites, and therefore whites and “whiteness” are big bad guys who keep minorities oppressed. . The technical claim is that these minorities are statistically “underrepresented” relative to their percentage of the population (Blacks at 13% and Hispanics at 18%) in certain occupations and at certain income levels. Note that no actual racist bias needs to be demonstrated. On the contrary, mere “under-representation” is considered sufficient to claim “racism”.

Never allowing the facts to confuse them, the “anti-racists” overlook the pertinent facts that the most prosperous ethnic group in America are Asian “people of color”, who do better than whites, as do Nigerians (who were black last time I looked) and Black Caribbean. How come these people aren’t held back by America’s so-called “systemic racism”? There are prestigious areas in which whites, Asians and Jews are “underrepresented”. In the highly lucrative National Football League, 58 percent of players are black, a 400% overrepresentation, while in the National Basketball Association, 72 percent players are black. Is it the result of “structural racism” against whites, Asians and Jews? Anyone who claims that would be the laughing stock of the town. Unlike “woke” education, industry and government that select people on the basis of race, professional sport is too important to impose racial diversity; professional players are selected based on merit, skill, performance and potential.

“Political correctness” has been a tool in other places and at other times to determine who would be the elite and who would be the underclass. In more religious times, “piety” was a criterion separating the elite sheep from the goats of the plebs. Exactly what piety was often critical. The English Civil War of the 17th century erupted over church furniture, that which was austere enough to reflect Protestantism, and that which alluded to Rome (paintings). Behind this was the fear that the Catholic queen would bring the country back to Rome. So is the age-old conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims over legitimate authority after Muhammad. Where one side was in charge, the other was treated as an underclass.

Virtue signaling is a component of status competition. Those who aspire to power and fame will strive to be seen as having more virtue than others, and therefore worthy of special esteem and status. One way to do this is to take increasingly extreme positions in the name of so-called virtue. Today, this means demonstrating ever greater solidarity with “victims” as defined by the intersectional grid of race, gender, sexuality and ability/disability. Finding new “victims” to support is an innovation of great “virtue”. We have seen “virtuous” efforts to upset social arrangements in favor of transsexuals. There is now a push to recognize pedophiles, rebranded as “youth-attracted individuals,” as an oppressed minority who deserves protection and privilege.

In Canada and the United States, the majority of citizens, white and male, Christian and Jewish, are condemned as “oppressors” and destined to be marginalized and excluded, with particular preferences given to “marginalized and underserved” minorities. In Canada, under the leadership of the Liberal government, Canadians of European descent are referred to as “colonial settlers” who usurped the lands and position of Indigenous First Nations peoples and engaged in “genocide” against them. Euro-Canadian citizens are therefore not legitimate citizens, but usurpers.

Canada truly belongs to First Nations in the “awakened” vision, and the Liberal government sees it as its duty to return the country to First Nations. First Nations, who represent less than 5% of the population, have been granted the right to veto all development projects, which means that they have control over the future living conditions of all Canadians. Universities have been asked to hire First Nations people to teach native folk subjects such as “native science” and “native justice.”

And to top it off, the current Attorney General of Canada has called the Supreme Court of Canada a “colonial institution” to which Indigenous individuals should be appointed and the Court modified by Indigenous practices, leading to a “system truly pluralistic legal system”. This is called “decolonization”. In the eyes of the Liberal government, their attachment to First Nations supremacy makes them virtuous, while Euro-Canadian citizens are condemned as usurpers and criminal murderers.

Perhaps the ultimate example of a signal of virtue was Trudeau’s decision to lower all Canadian flags across the country for six months, in honor of Indigenous children who were allegedly murdered and buried in mass graves. at residential school sites. When some enthusiasts burned down a number of Catholic churches because some schools were run by Catholic orders, the prime minister said he “understands” the feelings. No grave has ever been checked; no child’s body was ever found. But Euro-Canadians were stigmatized, once again, as murderers.

Woke elites willingly care about minorities, even though their actions often harm minorities, but what they are really doing is pretending they are good people fighting oppression, when you are of evil people who advocate and perpetuate oppression. It is a dishonest and outrageous scam perpetrated by the elite to gain status and power.

The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Epoch Times.


Philip Carl Salzman is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at McGill University, Senior Fellow at the Frontier Center for Public Policy, Fellow of the Middle East Forum and President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.

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