Women’s basketball league kicks off in spring


This is a league that offers women the opportunity to play at an elite level.

The Maritime Women’s Basketball Association (MWBA) will consist of six teams, three in Nova Scotia and three in New Brunswick.

The teams include:

  • Fog of the port city
  • Mystics of Moncton
  • Fredericton Freeze
  • Halifax Hornets
  • Thunder Halifax
  • Windsor Edge

League founder Brad Janes, who also owns the Fredericton Freeze, said a schedule is set and all six teams are ready to go.

“COVID-19 is this hidden enemy in many ways, but we plan to play in one form or another, and the MWBA ​​will take place this year,” Janes said.

The MWBA ​​logo. (on the league website)

During the interview, Janes mentioned that there are plans to expand the league in the future.

“We’re a league from the Maritimes and we’ve had conversations with groups from PEI.

The MWBA ​​does its best to promote women in sport, he said, with most teams having women on their coaching staff.

“Plus there’s a lot of talent out there… a lot of these women who will be playing in the league ended their careers at 22, so they didn’t even get a chance to play at their peak. “

“I think that’s what this league is going to offer, it’s an opportunity to keep playing because why should they stop playing at 22 just because they finished college and didn’t go to Europe to play professionally, ”Janes added.

The first game is scheduled for April 21 between the Moncton Mystics and Port City Fog.

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