‘You can’t be successful in your job if you use drugs’: 6’6′ Charles Barkley revealed to-do list if he becomes NBA commissioner

Have you ever wondered what changes an NBA player would bring if he became commissioner? Charles Barkley once chose to add mandatory drug testing.

The NBA has come a long way when it comes to its popularity around the world. While superstars like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are often credited for the same, one person in particular who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves is David Stern.

The former commissioner played a huge role in helping the National Basketball Association reach the level of success it enjoys today. However, when he was playing, Charles Barkley had a few more additions he would make if he became the commissioner for the day.

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In 1992, while chatting with Ernie Johnson in a interview With NBA on TNT, Barkley was asked to reveal things on his to-do list, if he was the league commissioner. One of the things the Sixers legend at the time mentioned was the “mandatory drug test”.

‘I would bring basketball back downtown’: Charles Barkley

Speaking about the value of having “mandatory drug testing,” the 1993 MVP said you can’t pass if you’re using drugs. “The Round Bounce Mound” Explained:

“Well, I’ve always thought we should have mandatory drug testing. I think all jobs should have mandatory drug testing, because you can’t be successful in your job if you use drugs. the drug.

In today’s league, players can be randomly tested for drugs during the regular season as well as during the offseason. In recent history, we’ve seen the likes of Deandre Ayton, John Collins, Tyreke Evans and many more get slapped with multiple stiff drug test suspensions/fines.

It goes without saying that Barkley will certainly be happy with this drug testing policy.

Also, Sir Charles had mentioned another thing he would like to do as Commissioner. The 29-year-old said:

“The second thing I would probably do is bring basketball back downtown. Basketball has become a high-profile, high-level sport and I think we need to bring the game back to where it started, downtown, in the ghetto. I mean because that’s really how the game was born and that’s who it should be for.

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